Saturday 18 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Water

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Genre - Contemporary Fantasy / Urban Fantasy 
Rating - R (mature audiences only)

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"Micah…"  Susan warned.

"It’s okay, we’ll be careful."  Micah glanced at Susan, then turned back to me.  "Take what I’m already sending into your stomach.  Add it to your stream.  Don’t let it build up inside you, just open the channels so it flows completely through."

I felt Shawn’s funnel open and I filled the extra space with more power.  My search area widened.  "More," I commanded Shawn.  Surprisingly, he obeyed.  "Even more."  I was moving along the seabed quickly now, covering a lot of ground.  I wasn’t taking any energy from Micah, I was only using what he sent me, and it was working well.

Finally, in a small corner of my search area I sensed a higher concentration of salt.  "I think I found some sulphate."

I felt a sudden surge of power from Micah.  It sent me stumbling forward and I would have gone straight over the edge of the boat if Susan hadn’t grabbed me.

"Kaitlyn!"  Micah yelled, voice strained.  "Stop it!"

I turned around in a panic.  "I’m not doing anything!" 

Micah had doubled over and dropped to his knees.

"Keep your channel open!"  Shawn yelled.  "It has to close slowly or there could be damage!"

But the flow coming from Micah was just as strong as ever, and something about it felt…tainted.  Something was wrong.  Susan ignored Shawn’s warning and I felt her streams stop abruptly.  I followed her lead. 

 By the time my flows petered out, Micah had collapsed all the way onto the deck.  His sister leaned over him, desperately trying to keep him conscious.  I ran around to the other side of him and Shawn stepped back, giving us our space.

"Micah, Micah!"  Susan slapped his cheek lightly.  "Stay with me!"

I was still in shock.  Alex came running down the stairs with a small first aid kit.  He opened it but looked hopelessly at Micah; Band-Aids weren’t going to fix this.

About the Author
Terra is author of the Akasha Series, a set of four contemporary eco-fantasy novels. 'Water' and 'Air' are available as e-books, and 'Fire' is due to release in October 2012.

Terra was born and raised in Colorado but has since lived in California, Texas, Utah, North Carolina and Virginia. Terra has served a 5½ year enlistment in the Marine Corp, has earned her bachelor's and master's degree and presently runs the language services division of a small business.

Terra currently lives in a suburb of Washington, DC with her husband of 13 years and three children.

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