Tuesday 7 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Life in Death

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Genre - Murder Mystery 
Rating - PG13
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My father died when I was 12. 

No, he wasn’t in a car accident.  No, he didn’t have a heart attack.  No, he didn’t have cancer.

 He was murdered. 

I looked into this family tragedy when I became an adult and decided to pen a story using some of what I learned. 

Writing this book was a particularly cathartic experience for me in that I had control over every aspect of the book ,from who lived to who died, and unlike real life, that gave me a lot of peace.
Life in Death is my first book and the first in the Kari Marchant murder mystery series. 

Kari, a social worker, is compelled to look into the death of a girl she placed in foster care.  As she works to uncover the truth, more people die.  Kari even becomes a suspect at one point.

Each character is fully developed with a backstory.
In fact, the first line in the book, “I remember everything,” is a snippet from one of the character’s backstory.

There are a lot of plot twists and turns.  My goal was to keep the reader engaged and guessing up to the last page.

By page 99, Kari receives some shocking news about an acquaintance.  She doesn’t want to believe it and is somewhat in denial when she’s hit smack in the face with the reality of the situation.  It leaves her horrified, shaken, desperate, and willing to do anything to right things again.

I wanted my book to be one of those that has to be read in one sitting because it’s just too good to put down. 

I sincerely hope I’ve done that, but will let the readers be the judge.

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