Thursday 30 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Long Time Coming

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Genre - Erotica
Rating - 18+ (High Sexual Content)
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LONG TIME COMING is my foray into the male psyche. I wrote it in a rush, enjoying the idea of being a man, and letting all my mental filters about appropriate thoughts and feelings regarding sex fly out the window. I let my id run rampant, remembering all the dirty innuendo and jokes I’d heard men say. I imagined what they think when they see an attractive woman, the feelings that course through their bodies.

            I let it all spill out on the page in the character Rob Williams. I wanted to write a book that took a man and let him fulfill fantasies, let him have everything a man wanted (or thought he wanted) from a relationship with a woman he’d lusted after for years.

            Page 99 is actually the last page of this novella. It’s sweet and sexy as Rob convinces Joey to be with him again. When he first lays eyes on her, all he can think about is sex, and how much he really wants to be with her. To finally touch and taste her after fantasizing about her since he first met her at fifteen.

            Over the course of the book, that changes. He has always liked and appreciated her as a person, and once the sexual fog lifts, he realizes he needs to get her to agree to see him again. Rob values her as a whole person, not just the gorgeous woman he’s finally landed in his bed. 

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