Friday 17 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - The Beautiful American

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Genre - Historical Fiction 
Rating - G
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Page 99 of the Beautiful American is a pivotal point in the historical novel. Elizabeth and James Monroe are about to sail for France from Baltimore Harbor aboard the Cincinnatus. James Monroe has been appointed the United States Minister to France with instructions to foster favorable diplomatic relations between the two countries. This is a dangerous assignment because France is still in political turmoil due to the recent French Revolution.

Since his wife is epileptic, James Monroe is concerned for her health both during the long sea voyage and their stay in a foreign land. Because of time constraints, he arranges for a New York specialist to meet them on the dock. Dr. Bateworth joins them on board to examine Elizabeth. He finds her well enough to travel but gives them the name of a top physician in Paris should she need medical care.

Accompanying the Monroe's on their journey are their daughter Eliza and Jasmine, a young slave girl whose diary chronicles the events. As the story unfolds, Elizabeth Kortright Monroe and Jasmine, two courageous women from opposite backgrounds, give us all a reason to be proud of our heritage.

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