Monday 27 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Double-Take Tales

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Genre - Short Stories 
Rating - PG13
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This test was very difficult for me as Double-take Tales is a collection of three short stories and therefore each page contains (in my view!) quite crucial information. On reading page 9, I was aware that any reader landing on page 9 would be firmly thrown into the story and have to gather their wits quite quickly. I can't even tell you much here without giving major parts of the story away that could ruin it if you chose to do a full read!

Let's just say that detectives are investigating a murder and - at the same time - someone very close to the event is taking in their progress, as well as reflecting back on events that tie in to the violent event.  Page 9 sees the investigation bumbling along, so it starts in a relaxed manner but by the end of the page the tone is significantly darker.

I was slightly disappointed with my page 9. It doesn't give so much away as to ruin the story but I wondered if someone randomly flipping open the book would find enough to pull them into the story.

Perhaps that is the beauty of short stories. They are brief but - for the time you encounter them - you need to be willing to immerse yourself completely. No skipping, skimming or scrimping, just a full dive in and submersion until the story is finally at an end. 

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