Sunday 5 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Sword of Senack

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Genre - YA Fantasy 
Rating - PG
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Many readers have used the Page 99 Test to appraise a book before buying it." - Here, EC Stilson writes about page 99 from her recent release, The Sword of Senack.

As an author I try to make every bit of my book valid, interesting and important. If it’s in there, it’s for a reason either regarding the plot, characterization or entertainment. In page 99 of my novel The Sword of Senack, Aliya, Sky and Vander Fisher find themselves deep in an oceanic cave. They recently discovered they can breathe in water and swim better than most fish.

It isn’t until this very page, that the children finally discover their father used to live in the ocean!

“What? Our Father?” Aliya asks and Calder coolly replies, changing the subject.

“You look like Mer-sons now, that’s all. Wait ‘til Fadon sees you. He’s been waiting years.”

Throughout the story, these young adults slowly discover all the pieces to their own personal mystery. In page 99 I hope readers will start wondering, why didn’t their father tell them he’d lived in the ocean. Had he known they could breathe in water? And why was some man named Fadon waiting for them in the oceanic depths? If I’ve done my job, all of these questions and the fun details of the journey will keep readers turning the pages, eagerly anticipating what strange answers lurk at the bottom of the ocean.

Page 99 is also when Calder, a strong Mer-son with dark blue skin and black hair, reveals that he would have “waited years” to see girls who looked like Aliya and Sky. It’s the first sign that this convicted criminal might have feelings for one of the sisters. Too bad they might both have feelings for him.

The page 99 Test is fun whether you’re a reader or a writer; I encourage you to try it. You’ll be amazed with what interesting storylines you might fall upon.

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