Monday 20 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Talon of the Unnamed Goddess

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Blood Duty is a fantasy which is in part Aisha’s coming of age story. She is a “Talon”, that is a mercenary in the highly respected Raptor Clan who mainly act as a body guard for nobles and the wealthy. Having gone through years of training, she was assigned to guard a young princess, Rhiannon. When Rhiannon’s father is assassinated, she is rightfully queen, and Aisha’s task is to keep her alive while they flee from the people who killed her father.

Some of the scenes are fairly light-hearted and this particular scene on page 99 is one of them. In it I wanted to take a break from the serious scenes that had proceeded as they escaped danger and death. Because they have escaped to a neighboring country, I wanted to show something about their new environment.

So on page 99 they go shopping along with a guard who has been assigned by this country’s government to help Aisha guard the now-queen.

Akinyi led us to several stalls with ready-made clothes. These were acceptable because the styles tended to e baggy or were cloth wraps. Sizes sold as small, medium or large. For a silver acrule or two, they could be altered in minutes. I had to chuckle at Uzoma’s bemused expression as he stood aside to watch us shop. Obviously, he had told the truth when he said he did not normally escort his wife and daughter.

However, part of this story is also Rhiannon maturing from the very selfish and spoiled princess into a young woman who can rule a kingdom. So the scene at the end of this page when Rhiannon is gracious and generous towards the Akinyi and his family are an important step in showing this.

It’s a minor thing, but also the first time I show Rhiannon in a truly positive light when she says:
“You and your daughter have been very gelpful, and you were very generous, cooking a meal for us Akinyi. We hope you will accept this small gift from us.” Rhiannnon handed her the coth that she and her daughter had adired while we shopped.

Soon they are in the midst of danger and adventure again, but I think the break for something a bit more mundane makes a good variety in the novel.

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