Sunday 26 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Love Kinection

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Genre - Contemporary Romance 
Rating - R
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This is taken from page 69 of LOVE KINECTION.

When I first started to write LOVE KINECTION, it was with the idea that my heroine had a serious hate on for Valentine’s Day. As I began to explore the reasons why, (she’d been left at the altar) character quirks and personality traits emerged. Abby Fine was a hopeless romantic suffering from the anguish of being betrayed by two people she loved very much.

While it was fun to write snarky banter based in her fear of relationships, at some point she needed to grow and begin to turn a new corner in her life. On page 69, she’s getting dressed and preparing to go out for breakfast with her new love interest, Tom Walker. It’s a great page, because Abby is relaxed with him and beginning to let her guard down to embrace the possibility of a happily-ever-after.

There’s plenty of sexual tension and flirting, with Abby teasing him about his pet cat and getting the guts to pursue him the way he’s been pursuing her for most of the book. Her self confidence is growing and with that, the shrewish veneer she sometimes hides behind is dissolved, so page 69 is a great showcase for her character development. 

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