Sunday 19 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Hidden Earth: Maycly Volume 1

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Genre - Epic Fantasy 
Rating - PG
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By the time you get to page 99 in this novel, you’ll have been through a lot. You’ll have met a number of characters, all crucial to the eternal well-being of the world, Maycly. Been whisked back in time 100 years, and discovered a multitude of trials and circumstances, all of which are in need of solutions and answers.

On page 99 readers land in the midst of the character Tarnnin’s biggest and most crucial decision he will ever make. Tarnnin is SUL’s (the Grand Wizard) right hand etherealian. At creation SUL gave to Tarnnin more than any other etherealian; Tarnnin had been given the best of all that was Good including power, dominion, and servitude. In addition, SUL had added to Tarnnin, one full drop of free will, thus making it more difficult for him to choose his destiny.

As Tarnnin sits and ponders, the readers find this beautiful etherealian sliding into to a deep depression, causing his appearance to be altered severely. He’s fighting to serve both Good and Evil. Though driven by pride, jealousy, and greed he does not want to lose what has been given to him, but is coming to the conclusion he must decide to serve only one or the other.

Attending Sprites are doing their best to continue assisting Tarnnin, but are doing so in fear. They are so small, he is so big. At one time any Sprite would have considered this duty an honor, but with the horrible digression into despair Tarnnin’s no longer the nicest etherealian to serve, a task normally done with a joyous heart.

By the end of page 99, readers discover Tarnnin’s final decision, and will find themselves choosing a side very quickly.  

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