Friday 10 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - I Was In Love With A Short Man Once

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FORD 99 TEST: I Was In Love With a Short Man Once
by Kimberly J. Dalferes

When you reflect on your life from the middle-aged cheap seats, you often contemplate those pivotal moments when you could have gone left or right. I’ve pondered many of the times when I took a turn that put me on a completely different path: where I went to college; accepting a lunch invite that four years later turned into matrimony (2nd time down the aisle); and being offered a job with the federal government. 

Page 99 of I Was in Love With a Short Man Once, as part of the story entitled “Why It’s Always Stupid to Play Stupid,” describes how a huge risk took my life in an amazing direction. Seventeen years ago, as a single working mother, it would have been much easier to stay put in Tallahassee: I had a good job in state government, owned my home, and my son Jimmy was happily situated in a great daycare center. I had surrounded myself with a nice support network of good friends (and a terrific boyfriend).  When the offer to move to D.C. emerged, almost everyone told me I was crazy to accept.  There was no way I would be able to sell my house, pack up everything, and successfully relocate my four year old to a place where I knew next to no one. 

The Irish are funny people: when everyone says you can’t do something, we usually do it just on principle.
What I learned from the experience is that you can never know fully why an opportunity manifests itself unless you try. Sure, moving to D.C. could have been a terrible mistake; but it wasn’t. The rest of “Why It’s Always Stupid to Play Stupid” describes my wonderful career at the Justice Department, how much fun I had working with my best friend Rodney, and how this turn in my life’s path also afforded great opportunities for my son. 

I would ask readers to think about the times in your lives when you had to make a choice. How did it turn out for you? Have you ever regretted a moment when you hesitated and an opportunity passed you by? Have you ever considered your “what if” scenarios? What if you had married someone else? What if you had picked a different major in college? What if you had accepted that promotion instead of quitting your job? The funny thing about fate is that you can’t possibly know if you are making the right choice until much later. That’s also the beauty of fate: sometimes you just have to trust in the universe and see how things turn out.  I hope that page 99 of I Was In Love With a Short Man Once conveys how difficult it can be to trust in fate, and how wonderful things can turn out when you have a little faith. 

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