Sunday 12 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - The Bridge Club

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Genre - Contemporary Women's Fiction
Rating - PG13
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I’ve chosen page 99 from the print copy although it is just a few pages beyond the e-book page 99. There’s a bit more “meat” to the story at this point!

The format of The Bridge Club is a little different from many books. There are eight main characters in the story.  After the introductory chapter, there are eight chapters that each focus on one character and something that happened to her in particular. The eight chapters cover a period of forty years and build a foundation that prepares the reader for the shocking crisis in the final chapter.

The Bridge Club is a testament to the power of women’s friendship. Based on the forty-year friendship my “real-life” bridge club continues to share, the story is fiction based on fact and this is one chapter that is very true to life.

Page 99 is in Chapter Four. Here we find the women of The Bridge Club planning to stage an intervention in the near future with Bonnie, whose drinking has become completely out of control.

Feeling guilty they have not done something drastic before this, they know there can be no more stalling.

“Let’s face it. You’re not in control of your life, and you have a decision to make,” challenged Dee.

Their plan is unknown to Bonnie, so it is to the amazement of the Bridge Club at this  monthly ‘soiree’ that she voluntarily opens up about her addiction. Bonnie has a strong personality, is a ‘take charge’ kind of person, and always denied alcohol was a problem. She constantly laughed off concerns and chided these friends that she knew what she was doing and was completely in control.

Coincidentally, she reaches the tipping point at the same time the intervention was being planned. None could believe what they were hearing.

No one moved a muscle. All eyes remained locked on Bonnie.

“I’m finally admitting what I’ve been in denial about for way too long. I know I need help. You may think all your harping over the years hasn’t had an effect, but I assure you it has. I’ve chosen to ignore it, but I can’t forget it. Slowly it’s been seeping into my alleged brain.”

Nothing is ever that easy and there certainly remained some hurdles to cross. This page simply sets the stage for the possible beginning to the end of her alcoholism. For the first time there is the sense of hope.

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