Friday 10 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - No Remorse

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Genre - Paranormal Romance 
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Looking up into Blake's face, Amber could see his wolf fighting him for control. His eyes bore into hers, searching their depths. It didn't matter that Adam was his best friend. His wolf would kill him if she didn’t diffuse the situation and fast. Stepping closer, she lowered her eyelids and her head submissively, trailing her warm hand on his heaving, rippling chest, and gently scraping him with her fingernails.

Amber walked slowly around Blake, the muscles of his jaw line worked where he clenched and unclenched his teeth, fighting hard to control himself. His body remained rigid and perfectly still while she intently stared into his caramel eyes that sparked yellow with each seductive move she made.

Blake forced himself to remain rooted to the spot while his wolf fought for control. It paced restlessly, beating against him to be released, continually slamming himself against Blake's control. It seemed to calm only when Amber’s wolf touched his mind, calling his attention away from the other male that was still too close where he lay on the porch bench.

Blake’s wolf retreated slightly once it realized he had his mate’s full attention. Blake felt her fingers do a slow waltz across his skin. A slow delicious burn began wherever her fingers trailed, making his entire body feel like he was on fire. He was fully aware that the pack was staring, but he didn’t give a damn! This was his mate and they would all accept that or leave! The message was clearly announced to the pack members who stood watching.

No one but him was allowed to touch his mate and his wolf pushed against him to remind her that she should not touch any other man.

It took an eternity for Amber to make her way slowly around him. His muscles rippled throughout his whole body at the light touch of her fingertips. Reaching the front of him, her hand stopped, with palm flat against the heart pounding in his chest.

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