Saturday 18 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Fat Bodyguards

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Rating - PG13
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The 99th page of Fat Bodyguards reveals a lot about the characters and hints at the danger in their future.

Readers are introduced to West Virginia sweethearts, Shasta and Ulyssa, in the first book of the series (Fat Assassins). Fat Assassins demonstrates how the girls are ‘country tough’ and strong enough to survive. This sassy toughness translates nicely to Fat Bodyguards when they’re hired on by New Jersey mobsters for another job. This time they have to protect two teenage girls on a Caribbean cruise. Keeping teenagers out of trouble is no easy feat and by the 99th page, the main characters have been attacked multiple times and they’re on high alert.

On page 99, Shasta and Ulyssa are returning from a manhunt for one of the teenagers. The cruise ship cabin is full of estrogen and adrenaline after an emotion laden barroom brawl. You quickly understand how far Shasta and Ulyssa will go to protect the girls and get them home safely. This is a small representation of what they’ll have to do later.

The rebellious side of Niki, the mob boss’s teenage daughter, is also apparent in the dialogue on this page. So, the reader immediately understands that it’s a battle of the wills between Ulyssa and Niki.

The fact that the two main characters travel with twist-ties, ready to restrain someone at a moments notice shows how ‘street smart’ they’ve become since the last book. Shasta and Ulyssa have taken on mobsters, hitmen, stalkers and a variety of other underworld menaces, but nothing prepared them for guarding these two teenagers.

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