Saturday 18 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Rest for the Wicked

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Genre - Paranormal Suspense 
Rating - 18+
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This is my first Ford 99 Test, and I was more than a bit anxious about taking it on. What if Page 99 is boring? Or has nothing that drives the plot forward? I finally picked up my paperback copy of the book, and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to the required page.

There is action – thank heaven! – and it just happens to fall smack in the middle of an event that changes the life of Claire, my main character, and the lives of everyone she cares about. An event that sets the final confrontation in motion.

Here is a brief setup: Claire Wiche is a woman running from her past; a past that finally catches up to her, in a violent way. By the time we get to Page 99, there is so much going on – and so much I can’t talk about without revealing major plot spoilers. So how do I tell you all, without actually telling you all?

My solution is to offer bits, just enough to make you want to read more – to make ME want to read more, even though I know the story.

Here are the first few paragraphs:

“I’m sorry.” Annie eased away from the knife blade. “My friend is the one with money—I can give you—”
The woman screamed and lunged at her.
Annie retreated, arms raised, hoping the knife wouldn’t slice into something life threatening—
She tripped, flying backward. The knife thrust into the space she occupied a second ago. Scrambling to her feet, Annie ran.

Annie, Claire’s best friend, is attacked by a homeless woman. Just when she thinks she is going down for the count, she is rescued by a stranger – or who she thought was a stranger, until she gets her first good look.

Rescuer becomes captor, and Annie becomes the pawn in a game that will rip Claire out of the safe life she has built, and force her to make a choice. One she gladly makes, in order to save the person who has accepted her as a friend, as a sister.

At this point in the story, everything is on the line. Claire has seen already how dangerous her nemesis is, how a human life means nothing, except as a tool to manipulate Claire. Taking Annie captive is the final act, and the consequences will be devastating.

Rest For The Wicked is a story of redemption, and the meaning of true friendship. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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