Friday 3 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - He Ain't Lion

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Genre - Paranormal Romance
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Wow, this is a very scary, hold me in the dark, kind of thing.  Eep! 

Ahem. On to the dissection. 

First, you should know that this is the first time I’ve read this since actually sitting at the keyboard and writing it.  Scary, I know.  Once I’ve written a story, I hand it off to my editor (aka hubby) and let him have at it.  He’s also a writer, darned good editor and knows I don’t like to bother with a book once I’ve finished my part.  So, yeah, let’s read it together, shall we? 

He Ain’t Lion is the story of the Ridgeville pride’s Prime (Alex O’Connell) finding his mate.  Of course, through no fault of her own, the heroine (Maya) wanders into Alex’s club on the night that the pride is set to get super frisky.  This causes lots of sexiness to ensue, more confusion about what has really happened to Maya during the night and OMG she craves a ton of meat when all is said and done. 

I snagged page 9 of my story and, thank goodness, it’s actually interesting.  Here, we find Maya swaying her curvy hips across the club, following the pride’s second-in-command as he leads her to Alex.  She’s eyeing all the hotness and getting excited.  The man leading the way is a prime hunk of furball and Maya is all about wrestling him to the floor for a thorough, hard fuc—  Ahem. 

Little does she know that the man who’ll truly rock her world is at the top of the stairs.

This page is part of the overall setup for the book.  There’s the growly lions, the sexiness of said lions and then the potential for more.  Maya’s on the rebound after her ex cheated on her (hence the “ex”) and she just wanted a good time.  Unfortunately, the “good time” also included permanent fur, but by the end, everyone’s happy.

Page 9 is a peek into the fun in Ridgeville with the promise of more to come.  

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