Sunday 5 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - My Butterfly

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Genre - Literary Fiction 
Rating - R - Strong Sexual Content / Violence
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“Home isn’t a physical dwelling and it isn’t a bond one shares with another individual. Home is a place inside that can never be damaged or taken the gift of an identifiable and unbreakable connection with ones’ self in the face of insurmountable odds...a strong and steadfast sense of inner peace, no matter the outer surroundings.”

My Butterfly is a journey into one woman’s experience with marital abuse and the healing process that changes her life. With intense emotional scenes that required much down time upon completion, it’s little wonder it took five years to write this book. 

Katherine Daniels is the “perfect” southern housewife in a not so perfect marriage. Surviving a vicious beating at the hands of her husband, Katherine leaves behind all she knows to explore life on her own. Reconnecting with her love of art and the creative process, she discovers a way to heal the scars of her past and find forgiveness of self. The road to recovery is different for every survivor - Katherine’s story plunges into a dark and twisted desire cultivated through years of sexual abuse.

On the 99th page of My Butterfly, Katherine has been working throughout the night, painting the walls of her studio, to form a mural of a place that has touched her deeply on a spiritual level. Stretched out on the floor, she has fallen asleep and is dreaming of wandering through a dense fog near a Scottish loch. Not exactly lost, but clueless as to her location, she is startled by a shrill scream that frays the tattered lines of her nerve endings, and a gentle hand brushing down the length of her back. Coming back to herself in the present moment, she discovers the scream to be the ringing of the telephone and the hand to be the waking touch of her best friend.

Up to this point, Katherine has been learning about the woman she might have become had she never married her high school sweetheart. Connecting emotionally with the battered and abused land of Scotland, she clearly sees what living without hope does to a person’s spirit. The dream sequence shows Katherine moving out of the dark fog that has been her life for the last fifteen years. The shrill scream is the wake up call to her soul as a loving hand of friendship guides her through the murky waters of past hurts. 

There is much more to be revealed through this short sequence, but impossible to do without giving away hidden plots within the story. I wish I could say I knew exactly what I was doing when writing this scene, but that would be false. Katherine came to me and shared snippets of her story during my first trip to Scotland. From that moment on, it was her show. Anything I put into the book that was not authentic put a halt on our progression and had to be removed immediately – the entire process was as much of a spiritual journey for me as it was for Katherine. 

My Butterfly , a story of love not for the faint of heart.
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