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#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Two Moons of Sera

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Since Two Moons of Sera has been written in serial format, the equivalent of page 99 actually comes in Volume Two of the series.  It was interesting to realize how far into the plot we were by the time I reached this point.  I guess things happen fast when you're busy having fun writing J

On Page 99, Tor and Sera have reached a comfort with each other that seems impossible after their awkward beginnings.  But by now, they know about each other's origins, they've escaped the war together and are hiding in the Erdlander Camp, where neither is safe if discovered.  Thrown together by circumstances, its clear fate had a hand in this two.

Sera likes to tease Tor about his taciturn ways, but she's also quite tight lipped when it comes to discussing her lineage.  In this passage she exposes herself to him emotionally for the first time.  He's aware of her physical differences and the effects of the genetic experiments done on her mother resulting in her birth, but he doesn't have any insight into what it was like to grow-up as an outcast, with a mother who didn't completely understand what she was, even if she was loved.

Sera blames herself for her mother's unhappiness and isolation.  Her mere existence ruined her mother's life.  But Nilafay (Sera's mother) loved her none-the-less, even if she didn't know how to show it.  Here we get insight into how that affected Sera's sense of self.

Page 99 Excerpt:
“No. I like that you use my short name.” I pecked him on the lips before propping my head up on my hand. “I’ve never been called anything else, since she was the only one who talked to me, so Serafay would be weird anyway.”

“You never talked to anyone else?”

“No. Sometimes Mother would swim out to meet someone, I went once or twice, but they were always so uncomfortable around me, they wouldn’t really talk.”

“That’s awful.”

“Well, I’m a freak, remember? For me to be with them, with this?” I pulled on my hair roughly. “When I was about nine I cut it all off, tried to cut it short so I’d look like them, but it just grew back.”

Tor’s hand rested on my hip and his thumb rubbed the skin under my shirt. He waited in silence for me to come back to him from the abyss of memories I drowned in. Just watching, he gave me all the time I needed.

“She was really strong, you know? She didn’t have anyone. She was only sixteen, my age, when the Erdlanders captured her. But she fought back, no matter what they did to her, she never gave up.” I shivered, recalling the stories she’d told me. “She broke out.”

“Really?” Tor’s eyes got wide.

“Yeah, and she ran, and made it back to the water, but it was already too late.”

“Too late?”


“Why? She got free, she could go home!”

“But she was already pregnant.”


“You don’t really know much about the Sualwet, do you?”

“No. All I know is from what I remember from when I was little and read in 
books, but I don’t exactly trust the Erdlander’s accounts anymore.”

“Good.” I smiled. I didn’t want him to think of them the way the Erdlander’s did.

“Sualwet don’t get pregnant, they don’t have live births.”

“I knew that.”

“Well think about it, someone showing up pregnant after so long with nothing like that happening? Everyone got scared and they told her to…to get rid of me. But she wouldn’t. And when I was born, she was alone.”

“Jikma,” Tor swore under his breath. “Lots of Erdlander women die having children. It’s just too hard.”

“When my mother had me, and found out I couldn’t breathe underwater, she found us a home in the cove. She hunted and scavenged and took care of me. And she never complained, but I knew how lonely she was.

I think what strikes me the most here is how clearly I can see how much Nilafay loved her daughter.  She gave up everything and never once looked back or questioned her decision.  Her culture kept her from really expressing that love to Sera in a way she could understand, but it was there, deep and true.  Nilafay's fear and strength are things Sera can look at and even admire, but like so many of us, she never completely trusts in her mother's love for her, even though it was never anything less than unconditional.

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